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Students Design Hand Blocking Textiles for Kravet Competition

Published January 31, 2020

Professor Stephanie Sickler’s Materials and Methods class participated in the department’s annual Kravet Competition for several years in the past, but this year brought a twist! Previously, students have been challenged to use their newly developed knowledge of materials to design a textile for this historically prominent company. This year juniors were challenged to design, carve, and stamp a woodblock pattern inspired by the textiles of Arts & Crafts movement leader William Morris.

Referencing the form, shape, movement, and texture of a Morris print selected by each student, they generated a two-dimensional textile suitable for use as upholstery. Material properties, pattern design, and even the furniture piece itself were specifically designed to promote the health and well-being of users as they age in place. Teams demonstrated an impressive combination of creativity and sensitivity to the needs of the aging population. Although it was a difficult decision, faculty selected five finalists for consideration by a Kravet panel of judges. Please join us in congratulating Molly Pearce and Savannah Sutter, the first prize winners, and Grace Bryant and Laura Fussell, the runners up! We are very proud of the work you have produced.