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Mailing Address

Main Office

Florida State University
Department of Interior Architecture and Design
1038 William Johnston Building
143 Honors Way
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1231
Phone: (850) 644-1436


Jim Dawkins
Chair of Interior Design
Office: 143 Honors Way
1038 William Johnson Building
Phone: (850) 644-3112

Yelena McLane
Director of Graduate Studies
Office: 143 Honors Way
1015 William Johnston Building
Phone: (850) 645-0691

Amy O'Keefe
Undergraduate Advising for the Major
Office: 143 Honors Way
1040 William Johnston Building
Phone: (850) 644-3284

Rebecca Cowart
Academic Program Specialist
Office: 143 Honors Way
1032 William Johnston Building
Phone: (850) 644-5473

Jordan Evans
Undergraduate Advising
Office: 540 W Call Street
227 Fine Arts Building

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