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Graduate Program

2021-2022 Teaching Assistantship application submittal deadline extended to MAY 14TH. Learn more at

Graduate Students and Faculty at Annual Kick Ball Game

Graduate Students and Faculty at Kick Ball Game

Design Intelligence Ranks FSU Graduate Program in the top 10 most admired interior design programs nationwide 

In 2019,  DesignIntelligence, a yearly publication of the Design Futures Council, ranked the Graduate Program number six in the nation for schools from which practitioners most seek to hire their employees from. The program is also in the top 10 of schools nationwide in focus areas including communication and presentation skils, design technologies, design theory, interdisciplinary studies, practice management, research, and transdisciplinary collaboration. Learn more 

The FSU Graduate Program in the Department of Interior Architecture & Design offers the Master of Science, the Master of Arts and the Master of Fine Arts degrees.

The Master of Science Advance Professional degree is for students that possess an undergraduate degree in Interior Design or Architecture. There are two tracks in this MS degree:

  • The MS Project track: This choice supports the goal of interior design practice and provides extended design process and project knowledge. Students undertake extensive programming research and related tasks and produce a comprehensive design project of your choice over a three-semester period.
  • The MS Research track: This choice supports the goal of conducting evidence-based design research or teaching interior design, and is the recognized path to ultimately complete a Ph.D. degree. Students conduct original research in this track and complete a university thesis.

The Master of Arts for these tracks is also available and has further graduate-level language and humanities requirements. See the Director of Graduate Studies for further details.

The Master of Fine Arts degree is for students that possess an undergraduate degree in interior design or architecture and are interested in teaching interior design at colleges and universities that accept the MFA degree credential. It is also appropriate for interior design practice, providing professional career enhancement and foundation skills in conducting evidence-based design interior design practice. You conduct original research in this track and complete a university thesis.

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For questions or to discuss your goals, contact:

Director of Graduate Studies
Steve Webber
Department of Interior Architecture and Design
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1231

Phone: 850 645-6831
FAX: 850 644-3112