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Computer Requirements

All Interior Design students not owning a laptop computer with the specifications listed below will need to purchase one by the Fall semester of the second year (once accepted into the program following First Year Review). This allows students to work on their own computer in studio classes.  It is strongly advised students NOT purchase a new computer ahead of the recommended time, as requirements constantly change with software and technology upgrades.  Our current advice for laptop purchases includes the following minimum requirements:


Updated 07/20/2021 




Processor: Latest multi-Core Intel i-Series, Xeon®, or AMD® equivalent with 2.5GHz or Higher as a minimum requirement and 3+ Ghz processor as recommended. 


Memory: 16GB minimum (16GB or higher is recommended.) 


Hard Drive: SSD (Solid State Drive) storage of 256GB minimum.   Note: High-resolution images or 3D files can take considerable disk space where 250GB of space might not be enough. Program Revit v2022 requires 30GB of free disk space, while program Lumion v11 requires 40GB of free disk space; see manufacture recommendations. 


Display: 1920 x 1080 (higher resolution recommended, but might impact performance). 


Note: Most laptop vendors have built-in video cards or use system processor instead of an actual video card.  The video card is required for most graphic-intensive application. Look at the amount of memory video card has; more memory will serve better. The Lumion program v11 requires 4GB of graphic card memory as a minimum requirement, 8GB or more as recommended, and 11GB or more as high-end requirements; see Lumion requirements link below. 


Pointing Device: external mouse with at least 3 buttons. 


Optional:  3-year warranty / protection plan 


Autodesk Revit 2022 system requirements. ( ) 


Lumion v11 system requirements. ( ) 


Adobe Photoshop system requirements. ( ) 



MAC vs. PC:  With the current state of software, the Department recommends purchasing a Windows-based computer. This is largely due to the fact that Autodesk Revit does not run directly on a Macintosh operating system. This means that students who choose to purchase MAC computer will be responsible configuring their Apple device with virtualization software (Parallels / VMWare) or with Bootcamp to allow use of Windows environment; additional cost will be needed for virtualization and Windows licenses. The decision is a student’s to make and students will be responsible for ensuring the computer’s compatibility, installation, and configuration as per Autodesk Revit requirements. The faculty will not be able to troubleshoot student’s personal MAC computers. 



We advise students not to purchase the software required by the Department until fully accepted into the program (after a successful First Year Review). Students should have computers purchased prior to enrollment in Studio I (or during the first few weeks of the semester). 

Students will be expected to be familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite during the first year classes. An active subscription should be purchased by the entrance into Studio I; Adobe provides student subscription discounts.  Autodesk products (AutoCAD, Revit, etc.) are available to students free of charge through Autodesk Education Community; Autodesk software will be used starting with CAD I and throughout the program.  Your CAD faculty will provide more details during courses.  We do not recommend downloading this software prior to taking these classes, as software upgrades are frequent. 



Students are strongly advised to purchase a desktop color printer with scanning capabilities. Printing paper size is 8.5 x 11. 

Students are encouraged to find a suitable scanning application that can be added to the phone that they carry.