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Studio D

Studio D Scholar Program – Virtual Residencies – “Making at a Distance”

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What is Studio D?

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Studio D is a 7,000 sq ft. design and fabrication makerspace at the Carnaghi Arts Building in the Department of Interior Architecture and Design at Florida State University. Studio D collectively houses the Studio D workshop (est.2012), Studio 3D lab (est.2017), the Materials and Objects Testing Lab (est.2019), and student workspaces. The mission of Studio D is to provide Interior Design students opportunities for interactive and experiential learning either in or out of the studio. Studio D supports critical thinking through the process of problem identification, context research, ideation, development, and testing of solutions for real world design problems through in person and remote interactions. The equipment, available in person and remotely, at Studio D includes a 4’x4’ Shopbot CNC router, 24”x18” and 40”x28” Epilog laser printers, and 10 Robo 3D printers.

What is the Studio D Institute?

The Studio D Institute is a summer scholar program for academics and professionals focused on making. The Institute offers opportunities for self-directed learning and creative prototyping with the help of the Studio D team and resources over the summer months within a virtual studio and collaborating in a remote makerspace. The Studio D Institute supports designers and projects for a short period of time to collaborate on individual projects centered on the built environment and the objects within, all in a remote environment that supports making beyond the physical Studio D shop walls.



What does being a Studio D Scholar offer me?

Being a Studio D Scholar offers you access to expertise and equipment for your prototyping of research and or creative scholarship projects. This experience will take place over 2 weeks in May (May 16 – 27) for initial designs and mailings and again for 2 weeks in July (July 18-29) for follow up designs and mailings. You will also have access to Studio D staff during the month of June for any feedback that may be needed. All materials and mailings are covered by the residency program and meetings will be scheduled at the convenience of you and the Studio D staff over the two week time periods. Your process with the Studio D staff will include concept and research development, material discussions and examples, reviewing files for prototyping, and detailing the machine set ups. Prototypes will be created and mailed during the first and second two week periods.

image of a gallery of project done by previous IAD student, one image of eight original artworks

How do I apply?

The deadline for interest is April 15, 2022. Once you have sent your application to the Studio D Institute through the link below, informal interviews will be scheduled to discuss project needs and ideas. This will occur from April 18-22, 2022.

Residency Application Form


Any Studio D question will be answered by email


image of Marlo Ransdell working in the shop on several small scale models of various objects of an interior design

Also, if you have questions for these people, they are here to help and answer anything you may have from another perspective (they have worked and studied at Studio D in the past two years and can answer a number of things if you want): Please reach out to these people for anything:

  • Chasen Bloch – MFA Interior Architecture and Design – Scholar Coordinator at Studio D Institute –
  • Hannah Smith – MFA Interior Architecture and Design – Teaching Assistant at Studio D –
  • Braeden Ingersoll – MFA Technical Theater Production – Shop/Machine Coordinator at Studio D –