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Student Spotlight: Kiera Malcolm

Published March 26, 2019

Kiera Malcolm is a senior in her final semester. When she is not working away on her final studio project, you can find her all over campus encouraging others with her joyful and positive attitude. She will be graduating in May.


IAD: Can you share what led you to the field of interior design?

KIERA: Both my parents are musicians and have always been supportive of creativity and the arts. Growing up they continuously inspired me to learn new skills, work on my own DIY projects around the house and be imaginative as much as possible. I wanted to be in a field where I could find a way to stay creative while still having an impact on people’s lives!


IAD: What have been some of your favorite experiences as an undergraduate?

KIERA: My first two years here I joined the FSU Marching Chiefs. I met so many people with different majors and backgrounds that shared a love for music and for FSU. Experiencing football games, both home and away, was a great way to feel school spirit and get involved outside of my classes when I first came to college.


I also had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy with Karen Myers during the summer after my sophomore year. I was so inspired by the beautiful, historic architecture of the city that it sparked my interest in water coloring and sketching. This has helped me in my design process, and has been a passion ever since! I started sketching buildings around FSU’s campus this year, and I’m hoping to have a book full of drawings that will be my memories of the campus!


My junior year, I also took one weekend a month for ten months to get certified in teaching yoga, which is another passion of mine. This incredible experience helped me realize how much the health and wellness of individuals matters, and has encouraged me to learn how this can be established through the design of spaces that people live and work in. Now I teach yoga on campus at the Leach Center. I have a few classmates that come to classes every week. It is a great way to take a break from sitting at the computer all day, and I love sharing my yoga practice with other students at FSU!


IAD: As IA&D’s intern at the Innovation Hub, what are some of your key roles, and how have they helped in your formation as a designer?

KIERA: Since I started interning at the Innovation Hub just as it was opening on campus, not all the roles were officially determined. So, as interns, we started to assess our skills and see how we could best serve The Hub. I gravitated to graphic design because all of my Interior Design Studio courses have challenged me to be more creative graphically to help communicate my ideas. I have been helping the marketing team make graphics for events and social media ever since! I love having the opportunity to help brand space at the beginning stages. Aside from that, I have loved working at The Hub because I learned to use the 3D printer, vinyl cutter, laser cutter and experienced VR for the first time; all of which are technology and equipment that can directly help interior designers to better communicate ideas and work on design projects!


IAD: Have you established what you will do after earning your degree?

KIERA: I am hoping to move out of Florida and work for a commercial design firm. I have a passion for living minimally and striving to reduce my environmental footprint. I hope to work somewhere that embodies these sustainable principals and looks for creative ways to design with human wellness and environmental responsibility in mind!


IAD: What is one take away you’d like to share with our students?

KIERA: Establish your personal values and what you are passionate about; let this inspire your design ideas. Sometimes we find the most inspiration in our experiences outside the classroom.