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Student Spotlight: Delaney Millard

Published May 6, 2019


Delaney Millard is a graduating senior who will be moving to Atlanta, Georgia to work as an interior designer with Hendrick. Her motivation and drive over the past four years have paid off and we could not be more excited for her in this new chapter of life.


IAD: Can you share what led you to the field of interior design?

Delaney: I tried several majors when I first came to Florida State. But eventually, I realized I would only be happy with my career choice if I was able to be creative in my job. I ended up taking Interior Design classes and fell in love with the program and the classes.


IAD: What is life in the studio like?

Delaney: Studio has been fun and collaborative every year.  My best advice is to learn what works for you in terms of organization and getting stuff done and stick to that plan.



IAD: How have you balanced work, school, family, and friends over the past four years? Any tips for our undergraduate students?

Delaney: I have worked a part-time job all throughout school, and it was hard. I needed to plan my time wisely and schedule time to take care of myself and still have fun.  It is honestly all a balancing act.


IAD: What sort of design are you hoping to specialize in after graduation?

Delaney: I love workplace design (!!!) and I have accepted a job after graduation at a firm that mostly works in corporate office design.

I will also be the first undergrad in our program to sit through the WELL Exam, which is really exciting!  I took the mini-mester for the WELL test prep, and it was so helpful and sparked my interest even more in the subject matter.  I will be taking my exam before I graduate, and I look forward to using the information I learned in my career.


IAD: What is one take away you’d like to share with our students?

Delaney: Work hard and have fun! There will be a lot of time spent working on projects but remember to have fun in everything you do and do not risk your health or relationships for a grade.