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Computer Lab Upgrade for Interior Architecture + Design

Published February 1, 2018

The computer lab during the upgrade process was filled with both old and new machines.

The Interior Architecture & Design computer lab received a $65,000 hardware upgrade over winter break when the department purchased 25 new computers. The new machines have significantly improved graphics cards and more hard drive capacity.  Each computer also now has larger monitors with 4K resolution.  The computers feature 2018 versions of AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS Max, the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, and Lumion programs as well as multiple plugins for rendering, lighting calculations, and 3D printing.

Assistant Professor Amy Huber, coordinated the upgrade and said “while we were able to stretch the lifespan of our previous lab computers to over 6 years through strategic upgrades to components, they had served out their useful lives.  These new machines will greatly enhance the ability of our students to produce high fidelity renderings, animations, and videos with near breakneck speed.”

It was a team effort to purchase and install the machines, and the department would like to thank Pavel Protsyuk, Thomas Jones, Deb Alexander, and Nadia Chin for their efforts in either unloading, setting up, programming, testing, or purchasing the machines.