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Brianna Langman Receives a Sponsorship to Attend Lightfair

Published February 27, 2018

Brianna Langman is a senior in the Interior Architecture and Design program at FSU. In her junior year, she took a lighting design class which sparked an interest in the lighting industry.

I never imagined Dr. Pable’s lighting class would lead me to so many great opportunities and that I would find a passion for lighting. I am really excited to receive a sponsorship to attend the Lightfair this year. I think the event will be an amazing way to start my career upon graduating this May. I am so thankful to the International Association of Lighting Designers for this opportunity and I can’t wait to see where this journey will lead as I begin my profession in Interior Design.

The vertex sconce is inspired and informed by geometric angles. In geometry, a vertex is the meeting point of two rays, which form an angle. Straight edges and angular corners will be the forms expressed through the design of the sconce. Optimal vanity lighting can be achieved by creating a variety of angles from which the light source can radiate, thus illuminating one’s face from as many angles as possible. The vertex sconce will achieve this through a vertical, linear configuration and reflected light. The light source will mainly reside on the back side of the fixture so that it may reflect off of the mirror on which it is mounted, creating additional angles of illumination. When viewed from various angles of the room, the sconce and its reflection will appear to create a “box” of light, adding an intriguing aesthetic quality to the space it illuminates.