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Welcome, fall semester 2022!

Published August 16, 2022

August 22 will soon kick off the fall semester, and follows a very busy summer for many faculty, instructors and students in the IA&D Department. Faculty used this time to extend the teaching that they love to do, start a new creative project. For example, Jim Dawkins, Marlo Ransdell and Amy Huber each offered courses in the FSU Study Abroad program in London and Florence. Marlo Ransdell also commenced a sizeable art exhibition with over 30 artist contributors that will debut in the fall. Faculty were busy this summer engaging with design profession leadership with the Interior Design Educators Council (Stephanie Sickler and Steve Webber), extensive administration work (Jim Dawkins and Jill Pable), notable research travel (Yelena McLane) or working on research or creative scholarship studies (Amy Huber, Meghan Mick, Marlo Ransdell, Kelley Robinson, and Terry Londy). Both Amy O’Keefe and Rebecca Cowart were very busy orienting and advising prospective IAD students not only for the Department but also on behalf of the College of Fine Arts.

Summer is also the primary time for IAD students to experience the processes and projects of design firms, and 36 students were engaged in internships this summer ranging in locations from Seattle, Washington to Jupiter, Florida to Dallas, Texas to New York, New York. These are critically important to an IAD student’s understanding and preparation for eventual design practice.

So what’s new for fall 2022 in the Department? We welcome the second year class as well as five new First Professional Master of Science students who completed their first semester this summer. We also welcome new IAD Department Administrator Jeremy Cope who will keep us organized, succeeding Deb Alexander who has taken another position on campus. (everyone, note that Jeremy keeps a wonderful bowl of candy for everyone who visits him!).  Many classes this fall will enjoy the support of new and returning graduate teaching assistants, and two new administrative support students will be in place to support faculty and students in their activities. We also will enjoy a new IAD classroom for the First Professional graduate students, WJB 3004, plus classroom upgrades such as new pinup wall boards, room-darkening blinds and, thanks to the hard work of Amy O’Keefe, a series of technology upgrades to student computers. Students, you will enjoy the new presence of resident desks for all second year, third year, fourth year and graduate students that means you can move in and make your desk your own, giving nearly everyone a home base for their work.

The fall semester 2022 will soon kick off on August 22, and please note the mandatory 2022 IAD Mass Meeting on August 25th, 4:45-5:45 in WJB 2005. An ice cream social aided by the IAD Interior Design Student Organization will follow, along with the distribution of the 2022-2023 IAD t-shirts, designed by Terry Londy!

Students, much is afoot this semester, so buckle up. Here’s to a semester full of growth, learning and community-building.