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Stephanie Sickler

Published May 4, 2017

Assistant Professor
Foundations Coordinator
Department of Interior Architecture and Design


Areas of Responsibility

Undergraduate teaching; coordination of First-Year Curriculum; research; service


Stephanie Sickler is an Assistant Professor and Foundations Coordinator in the Department of Interior Architecture & Design at Florida State University.  She holds an MFA in interior design and serves on the Board of Directors for the Interior Design Educators Council.  Her interest and experience centers around student success in design education and beyond, as well as materials selections and performance. Her work has been recognized at the national and international level and her first book, Soft Goods Guidebook for Interiors was released from Bloomsbury Publishing in October, 2019.


B.A. English, Huntingdon College, Montgomery AL 2002

M.F.A. Interior Design, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 2009

Teaching Areas

Design Foundations

Materials and Methods

Research Areas

Capitalizing on engagement experiences, material competencies, and participatory learning to promote student success in design education and beyond.

Select Scholarly/Creative Works & Awards

  • Director of Service, Interior Design Educators Council
  • Sickler, S. (2019) Soft Goods Guidebook for Interiors. New York, NY: Bloomsburry.
  • Presidential Award, Interior Design Educators Council (2019).
  • Sickler, S. (2019). Leading the Charge: Outcomes from a Student-Driven Engagement with a Veteran Community. Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship, 12(1), 78-89.
  • Sickler, S. (2019). Materials on Demand. Innovative Teaching Ideas Online Resource, Interior Design Educators Council.
  • Sickler, S. (2019). Drapes is a verb: Embracing the decorative elements of design through experiential learning. In Jun Zou (Ed.), Interior Design Educators Council 2019 National Conference (pp. 201-202). Charlotte, NC.
  • Sickler, S., & Turner, H. (2019). Flipping the design process: Preserving creativity and preventing burnout in studio. In Jun Zou (Ed.), Interior Design Educators Council 2019 National Conference (pp. 7-8). Charlotte, NC.
  • Webber, S., & Sickler, S. (2019). Toward a framework for human-centered design education: Enhancing empathy through experiential learning. In Jun Zou (Ed.), Interior Design Educators Council 2019 National Conference (pp. 105-107). Charlotte, NC.
  • Irene Winifred Eno Grant, American Society of Interior Designers (2019).
  • Gale, A., & Sickler, S. (2019). Service Abroad: Exploring Cultural Understanding through Service-Learning Experiences in Fiji. The International Journal of Design in Society, 13(4), 12.
  • Presidential Award, Interior Design Educators Council (2018).
  • Sickler, S., & Ransdell, M. (2018). A Strategic Engagement: Examining Participatory Learning Pedagogy through the Lens of Multi-generational Community-based Partnerships. In Deni Ruggeri, & David L. Boeck (Eds.), EDRA49OklahomaCity (pp. 195). Oklahoma City, OK.
  • Sickler, S., & Gale, A. (2018). How do you know: Evaluating the effectiveness of community engaged scholarship through photo documentation. In Michelle Pearson (Ed.), Interior Design Educators Council 2018 National Conference (pp. 432-433). Boston, MA.
  • Ford, C., Gale, A., Sickler, S., and Amamoo, A. (2017). “Sustainable Expectations: An Inside Look Toward the Ethos of Sustainable Design in the Interior Design Profession.” Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal—Annual Review11 (1): 15-27.
  • Sickler, S. & Gale, A., & Ford, C. (2016) “Toward a Framework for Integrating LEED Credentialing in an Interior Design Curriculum”. In Tina Sarawgi (Ed.) Interior Design Educators Council 2016 National Conference, Portland, OR (p. 684) Portland, OR.
  • Sickler, S., & Roskos, B. (2013). Factors That Play a Role in First-Year Students’ On-Campus Housing Decisions. Journal of College & University Student Housing, 39(2).
  • Green Mountain Ranch Fellowship for Universal Design (2013).
  • Sickler, S. & Hicks, T. (2013). Service Learning vs. Community Engagement: Examining the Vehicles of Engaged Scholarship, In Jeremy Wells and Elefterios Pavlides, (Ed.) EDRA44Providence, Providence, RI (pp. 244-255) Providence, RI.
  • Sickler, S. (2011). “A Room of My Own: Examining Comfort and Control in Campus Housing”. Refereed paper and poster presentation, in Daniel Mittleman, (Ed.) EDRA42Chicago, Chicago, IL. (pp. 446) Chicago, IL.