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IA&D 2021 Career Shaping Event

Published February 12, 2021

The Department of Interior Architecture & Design will be holding its fourth annual career fair on Friday, February 26th. The event will take place virtually as we continue to appropriately address COVID-19 here at FSU. The program’s graduating seniors and graduate students will be seeking entry-level positions and the 3rd year juniors and 2nd year sophomores will be searching for exploring internship opportunities. We anticipate nearly 40 students will be seeking full-time jobs, and as many as 70 looking for internships over the next several years. The IAD Department enjoys robust support from FSU’s Career Center in hosting the career fair, as well as the logistics inherent in both in-person and virtual events. Although the event is virtual, participants can expect the day to unfold as it has in past years

The itinerary for the fair includes:

  • Welcome and protocol overview for the day; virtual logistics instructions
  • Introductions, presentations, and remarks from our three alumni award recipients
  • Professional Q&A panel session for employers and students
  • Virtual employer interviews/discussions with students

We are looking forward to this new format and the opportunities it brings to both students and employers alike. For additional information, please contact:

Jim Dawkins ( and/or Lindsay Schiller (