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Generous Donation Provides IA+D Students with Exciting Opportunities in Fall of 2020

Published November 6, 2020

“Pottery House” by Camila Ferro

Dr. Michael A. Fornaro has generously donated funding for two studio classes for Interior Architecture and Design students for the fall semester of 2021. Dr. Fornaro’s helpful support is providing students with materials and resources that enhance their experiences in the Studio 1 and Studio 2 classes in the current fall semester.

As a result of this funding, Studio 1 students have received foam core materials that will enable them to build models of single-family occupancy apartments. This project will offer students a practical yet dynamic challenge to design volumetrically in a tall space, as well as to design for activities including sleeping, dining, entertaining and storage for the first time. Dr. Fornaro also offered a lecture to the Studio 1 and Studio 2 students this semester, introducing students to ideas and procedures they will encounter in their in their design careers.

Dr. Fornaro is a member of the IA&D Department Advisory Council, a body of practitioners and other senior design professionals that advocate for the department and its students and support its activities. He is principal of Housing 101 LLC, a firm that designs corporate office and multi-family architectural projects as well as specific housing facilities for seniors and students. He is a published author, designer and educator with over 20 years of experience in the fields of architecture, interior design and urban planning.  We deeply appreciate his support of our students’ learning experience.