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College Leadership Council premieres 2021 SIX Magazine

Published July 26, 2021

The College Leadership Council (CLC) was founded in 2010 to promote collaboration and communication between students across the College of Fine Arts. Made up of graduate and undergraduate representatives from each academic unit, the CLC hosts student-focused events which are social, informative, and collaborative-based.

One of its largest annual endeavors is the magazine SIX, which takes its name from the six academic departments within the College – Art, Art Education, Art History, Dance, Interior Architecture & Design, and Theatre.

Brittney Pieper, 2020-2021 CLC Chair

It is with utmost pride to introduce the 2020-2021 issue of SIX Magazine. The featured works vary from play to self-expression to issues of social justice. However, despite the variety, each artist has shown their incredible tenacity and dedication to the arts. The resilience in this magazine shines through and is beyond commendable.

In times of hardship, we can always rely on our artistic outlets, and despite all odds, the students of the College of Fine Arts continually go above and beyond. A special thank you to my co-editors, Madison Hayes and Mia Gonzalez. Your creativity shines bright.

To the students of the College of Fine Arts and the community of Tallahassee, never let the difficult times dull the art. Always choose to create.


Brittney Pieper
Chair, College Leadership Council for the College of Fine Arts
BA Student, Studio Art and Art History




SIX Magazine 2021, download PDF copy.