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Atlanta’s IA Interior Architects Sponsors FSU’s Workplace Design Studio

Published April 12, 2022

The studio sequence of courses within the Department’s undergraduate program offers critically important problem-solving opportunities for students. Situated midway in the five-studio sequence, Studio 3 addresses workplace design, an important sector of design that many students choose for their career. Here, students engage in actions and processes that design professionals employ to create thoughtful interior design project solutions, including research and programming fact-finding, creative problem solving, spatial analysis and space planning,

The Acoustic Dunwoody office by IA offers an architectural representation of the client’s freshly launched brand.

detailed lighting and systems design, and specifying interior design products. It is fitting that Atlanta’s IA Interior Architects, a leading  firm in office design, is an enthusiastic sponsor of the course in 2022.

IA Interior Architects’ goal has always been to improve people’s lives through visionary design. Since 1984, they have been translating client goals, brand, and culture into environments built around people, processes, technologies, and business drivers. As architects, designers, strategists, and environmental specialists, they align business strategies and core values with the dynamic use of space. Their team consists of talented professionals who come from different places and have unique perspectives, but all share one common goal and passion—design for the needs of the client. This commitment to client satisfaction aligns well with the Department of Interior Architecture & Design’s priority of user-centered design. IA supports clients worldwide, both from an ad hoc, one-off project engagement to relationships with clients that have

flourished for over 35 years. They have a track record of delivering successful design projects for a wide range of clients in the United States and abroad, with offices in 23 metropolitan cities globally.

The lead instructor for the Studio 3 class is associate professor Amy Huber, who worked with IA’s Amy Lowey (BS 2006) to craft the firm’s engagement with the course.

“My experience with the workplace studio this semester has given me a first-hand insight to the foundation of a top-rated design education and how it’s evolved since my time in the program. Professor Huber is doing a phenomenal job of giving the students a realistic insight into the industry by creating relevant project parameters, encouraging human-centered and wellness planning concepts, tying in corporate values, purpose, and branding. The experience and talent coming out of this program is exciting!”

– Amy Lowey, Project Director for IA


Equal parts Southern Hospitality and Industrial Soul, IA’s Atlanta office is a warm and inviting space that reflects the firm’s ethos of creativity, authenticity, and functionality.

IA’s support to students in the FSU IA&D program reflects their commitment to people, culture, and innovation, both internally and externally, including  investing resources back into the communities within which they work. That investment allows them to connect deeper with the program and students to share industry insights, trends, and innovation, elevating the future of design.

Industry and practitioner partnerships acclimate the Department’s students to future career processes and skills. The Department is grateful for IA’s help and support of our program.