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Transformation Through Teaching Recognition: Jill Pable

Published November 13, 2012

Interior Design Associate Professor, Jill Pable, was honored for her transformational role in her students’ academic life and was hosted by President Barron at dinner on November 5, 2012.

FSU not only focuses on intellectual development, but as a community of moral discourse it also recognizes the need for the development of the whole person. The Spiritual Life Project fosters students’ search for meaning, purpose, and authenticity in life, deepens their self-understanding, broadens their awareness of diverse perspectives and themselves as global citizens, and develops a sense of commitment to higher ideals.

Transformation Through Teaching is a program established through the Spiritual Life Project, and supported by the Division of Student Affairs, to honor full-time faculty that have had an intellectual, inspirational, and integrative impact on the lives of their students.

In the program’s second year sixteen faculty were selected on the basis of the students’ compelling nomination by the Spiritual Life Project and the Office of Faculty Recognition. Selected faculty, along with their nominating student attended dinner at The President’s House and continued the conversation about how we all can create a campus culture that encourages meaning and purpose in academic pursuits.