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Suzanne Schumann (MFA Candidate ’12)

Published April 22, 2012

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“Over the last few years, The United States Armed Forces has been made aware of the increasing cases of mental suffering appearing in military spouses. The problem is growing because deployed troops cannot be completely focused on their job during war times if the homefront is not functioning as it should. The goal of this project is to provide a place of comfort and security for the spouses of deployed soldiers. The services and resources provided within this facility will be focused completely on their needs and not the needs of their soldier.

The United States Armed Forces are beginning to embrace what a wonderful resource military spouses are to the war effort. This facility will meet the needs of the spouses of deployed soldiers; therefore allowing those spouses to keep a more positive outlook on the war effort, have a healthy and functional family unit, be a support system and an encouragement to their deployed soldier, work as Points of Contact to assist with communication and emergency alerts, and be useful homefront volunteers in organizations such as the Family Readiness Group or COMPASS.”

– Suzanne Schumann (MFA Interior Design ’12)