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Studio IV Presentations

Published November 12, 2017
On November 14th, the senior students of the Studio IV class presented their final project recommendations to their clients, Dr. Jim Murdaugh and Ms. Sarah Murdaugh for their new home on North Florida’s gulf coast. The project is under construction at this time and gave the students the opportunity to react to the actual conditions of the site. Students were able to visit the home as construction was in progress. The students provided not only floor plan recommendations but also detailed kitchen design solutions, information on adapting the home for aging in place, and recommended smart home technologies. Students offered by-hand rendering techniques in their perspective scenes such as watercolor and design marker to provide the Murdaughs with highly personal project solutions, mimicking professional designers’ hands-on approaches that characterize residential work. The Murdaughs were very pleased with the results, which will influence their actual choices in the completion of their home.