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Studio D Collaborates with GroovyStuff

Published December 7, 2015

high point

FSU Interior Design graduate students taking Furniture Design at Studio D, the department’s design and fabrication lab, have participated in the Groovy Stuff Challenge the past two years. Associate Professor Marlo Ransdell, leads students in this 6-week challenge, where students are tasked with using materials sourced in Thailand to create a unique design. During the design phase students, receive feedback from the Groovy Stuff team on marketing capability and construction. The final designs are then shown at High Point and market attendees vote on the top design. The designs then have the potential to move into production if enough interest is shown. Prototypes of two students’ designs from 2014 were created and then shown at the Las Vegas Market, are now moving into production.


Giselle Canizares says about the design of her piece,

The Quattro Coffee Table was designed from salvaged teak barkwood pieces with metal barrel part inserts. The metal inserts can be easily exchanged to create an entirely new look for the table. A shelf that sits below the tabletop was created to provide an open storage option for the table. This piece provides the character you need to create a rustic contemporary look that will be the accent to any environment, whether it is inside or out.

Elisha Vincent says about the design of her piece,

The Geodesic Metal Side Table is intentionally captivating. It utilizes abstract form, texture, and angles, to intertwine a modern approach to the rustic materials. The whole furniture piece is made out of sustainable reclaimed metal oil drums welded together. It was inspired by Groovystuff’s Moonshine Collection with the vibrancy and bold statement that these colors make. This piece is versatile and can be used in residential settings, as well as hospitality design.