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Students Showcase Design Technology at FSU’s Digitech

Published March 30, 2016
CAD II Students Showcase their work

CAD II Students Showcase their work

Interior Architecture and Design students exhibited creative work involving technology at Florida State University’s Annual Digitech. Assistant Professor Amy Huber’s Computer-Aided Design II class highlighted work completed on Revit as well as models built and then imported into Augmented Reality. These spaces were then visualized using cardboard goggles that allow real-time 3D images to change as the viewer changes viewing angles. Graduate students took the work to the next level with Kristen Millican showing the process she used to create a piece of furniture using the CNC router, and Austin Gauley exhibiting his award winning retail design along with the many different software packages used to create the final product. Thanks for Professors Amy Huber and Marlo Ransdell for guiding these students.