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Scholarships and Awards

Published July 11, 2014

2013 College Awards Night

The department had the opportunity to recognize outstanding students at the 2013 College of Visual Arts, Theatre, and Dance Awards Night.  The O’Brien Graduate Scholarships went to Lauren Trujillo andAmanda Krueger and the O’Brien Undergraduate Scholarships went to Andrew Tobias and Madeline Frost.  The department is thankful to the O’Briens for their ongoing support.  The Outstanding Undergraduate Portfolio went to Hae Jeong Hwang.  The department had the chance to award the second Ashley Cowie Memorial Scholarship with sophomore student Elisha McDonald. The college recognized interior design student and College of Visual Arts, Theatre, and Dance Humanitarian of the Year Sarah Kibler for her tireless work on Dance Marathon.  Each year the NEWH provides scholarships to deserving graduate and undergraduate students.  Although the winners have not been announced, the department recognized their finalists Amanda Cleveland and Danielle Konen. Our graduate teaching assistants are essential to the smooth running of the department.  Special thanks and recognition goes to our Outstanding Teaching Assistant, Amanda Cleveland.  Research is a major emphasis in the MFA program and this year two students Amy Griffin and Elizabeth Tarver were awarded top honor for Outstanding Graduate Research.  Finally, the Outstanding Graduate Furniture Design Student was awarded to our Donghia Graduate Fellow Eva Caro.

2012 College Awards Night

Winners at the 2012 College Awards Night: the D.J.M.T. O’Brien Undergraduate Scholarship [$1500] went toHannah Altman,and the Graduate Scholarship ($1000) to Lindsay Dixon; the Interior Design Advisory Board Student Scholarships: Undergraduate: Kelly Platko, $500.00 and Graduate: Tony Purvis, $500.00; the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award to:  Jhoana Antiquino and Suzanne Schumann, $250; the Best Furniture Design: Sebastian Engle, $50; Best Portfolio Designs ($50 each) to, Undergraduate: Angela Mullins, Lais Brito and Nicole Nguyen and Graduate: Paris Henderson and Justin Willoughby. The Graphics I Excellence Award to Krystal Dickison and Graphics II Excellence Award to Taylor Hardee. The 2012 recipient of the University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award was Tony Purvis. The first recipient of the new Ashley Cowie Memorial Scholarship ($1000) was Heather McCallister.

2011 NEWH Scholarships

At the NEWH Gala in November 2011, grad student Amber Sargent was awarded the Platinum Award…the highest honor… a $10,000 scholarship! Amanda’s MFA thesis addressed design for Hospice Care Environments.

2011 College Awards Night

Winners at the 2011 College Awards Night: the D.J.M.T. O’Brien Undergraduate Scholarship [$1500] went to Sebastian Engel,and the Graduate Scholarship ($1000) to Christina Grove; the Interior Design Advisory Board Student Scholarships: Undergraduate: Brigette Bahniuk, $500.00 and Graduate: Emily Pharis, $500.00; the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award to:  Tanya West, $250 and Outstanding Graduate Researcher:  Leslie Hallquist, $250; the Best Construction Documents: Taylor Wilson, $50; Best Portfolio Designs ($50 each) went to, Undergraduate: Marielle AsenjoChristina BraccoAmanda Krueger and Graduate: Darwen HintonJaime MiloAmanda Picken. The 2010 NEWH (Network of Executive Women in Hospitality, Inc) Florida Student award went to  Amanda Krueger, $2000. The 2011 recipient of the College of Visual Art, Theatre & Dance Graduate Leadership Award was Tony Purvis.

2010 Olegard Rug Competition

Nicole Martin’s rug design

Graduate student Nicole Martin received word that her rug design (created within IND 5208) was selected to receive a Juror Award in the 2010 Odegard Rug Competition. From Odegard: “Your design submitted for the Odegard Award for Excellence in Rug Design, will bare the name of the judge who chose your design over all others submitted (international artist Michele Oka Doner). Your design will also tour top design schools across the US during Fall 2010, alongside the first, second and third place winners”

2010 College Awards Night

Winners at the 2010 College Awards Night: the D.J.M.T. O’Brien Scholarship [$1500] went to Suzanne Dougherty. The Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award [$250] went to Jessie Prenger and the Outstanding Graduate Research Award [$250] went to Elena Vee Myhre. The Interior Design Advisory Board Scholarhips [$500] went to Shantel Wallace (undergraduate) and Christi Gullikson (graduate). The $100 Ohazama Best Construction Drawing went to Kelsey Greminger. The Peter Koenig Best Rendering Awards ($100) went to Amanda Cleveland, John Eikevik, and Amanda Krueger. Best Portfolio Designs ($50) went toJhoana Antiquino, Alexa Rae Hosner, Katie Logan, Michelle Weedon, and Angela Williams. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Outstanding Student  Scholarship went to Christina Miller, $500. The FSU candidate for the ASID Meredith Lacey Award and eventual winner ($750) was Sarah Cowart.  Jhoana Antiquino was chosen the 2010 College Humanitarian of the Year for her work with the Filipino Student Organization on campus.

2010 NEWH Scholarships

Each year NEWH (Network of Executive Women in Hospitality, Inc) awards scholarships in Florida to female Interior Design majors. The award is based on scholastic ability, and portfolio performance in technical, graphic and studio aspects of interior design. The 2009-2010 recipients of this prestigious award ($2000) are Svetlana Anderson (graduate) and Christina Manzo (undergraduate).