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Process Gallery Opens in the William Johnston Gallery

Published October 28, 2014

process gallery

The Department of Interior Architecture and Design opened a show titled PROCESS on October 24 in the William Johnston Gallery. The show features studio process work by interior design students. A designer’s work is concerned primarily with solving problems resulting in tangible solutions. The journey from an idea to a finished product involved many steps—and those steps illustrate the path the designer has taken to reach a well-designed creative solution. This show highlights the conceptualization and exploration/refinement states of the design process. During conceptualization, the idea’s constraints become clear and a concept is developed. With the exploration/refinement stages of the process, a designer may begin to face challenges that threaten the idea. It is in this phase that a project moves forward, is modified, or is abandoned for better ideas. The show celebrates this process and the energy and enthusiasm that must be present to take ideas forward. The show is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM until December 1 in the William Johnston Gallery.


A Letter from the Curators:

Our students epitomize process — the process in which we devote our hard work, effort, and dedication to learn and understand each aspect of the Interior Design industry. The steps we take throughout our education only make us better at what we ultimately desire to do,  design to protect the health, safety, and welfare of those around us. Each year we move forward through this program signifies the actions and steps that we as students make to further our education to become successful designers. The showcased work intends to express the evolution of designs from start to finish, while showing the progression that our students take from the moment they enter the Interior Design program at Florida State to the time they graduate. Our department is full of talent, great ideas, and exceptionally creative people to work with, and this is just a fraction of the impressive design work produced by our students. Please enjoy this sneak peak into the lives of designers from the FSU Department of Interior Architecture and Design.

–A. Gauley, K. Timmerman, K. Millican, K. Cullen, & S. Webber