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Informed Designs

Published November 8, 2017

Studio two students recently hosted a poster session where they shared research findings with the Strozier Library staff.  These findings stemmed from a variety of sources including their interviews with other students, interviews with library staff, observations of key spaces, precedent studies, and theoretical analyses.  The students’ findings were used to generate design considerations for their upcoming project, which asks them to reimagine areas of Strozier Library to resolve for current needs in the space. This includes a new Special Collections exhibit area, a flexible classroom space, and an event space.  Additionally, students are also using their findings to inform a hypothetical “library of the future” design which envisions Strozier in 2027.  The project gives Interior Architecture and Design students an opportunity to generate and apply original research to their designs, and to work with others who may benefit from their ideas. The project is the latest collaboration between Assistant Professor, Amy Huber, and the Associate Dean of Research and Learning, Michael Meth. The students will present their design solutions to library staff December 7th.