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Amanda Cleveland of FSU Interior Design, Finalist in International Design Competition

Published May 29, 2013

The Florida State University College of Fine Arts and its Department of Interior Architecture and Design would like to congratulate Amanda Cleveland, Interior Design MFA Candidate and Teaching Assistant, for her amazing work in the International Interface Reconnect Biophilic Design Competition. Amanda was ranked one of six Regional Finalists, from over 120 submissions and was the top finalist in North America. 

Amanda Cleveland Biophilia

Biophilic Design

A synopsis of Amanda’s work recognized by Interface, is as follows:

Ranking: Regional finalist (1 of 6 out of 120+ submissions)

Competition: Interface Reconnect Biophilic Design Competition

Hosted by: Interface

Goal: To design an interior space that echoed nature and incorporated biophilic design elements in an innovative way, in order to “reconnect” a space to nature.

Submission: 1 image representation of the design and a 150 description of the design solution.

Design Solution Description
As human beings, due to biology, we are inclined to share a connection and respond positively to our natural surrounding habitat, and many studies show how this connectedness often aids in the healing process. As such, alternative methods similar to meditation, yoga, and natural therapeutic practices are becoming more accepted in the United States as healing modalities. However, there is now an acute need for biophilic built environments that service this contemporary approach. The proposed design is a simplistic biophilic pavilion that is immersed into the surrounding environment through the utilization of the four elements of nature: earth, water, wind, and fire. The pavilion would be located within a healing resort complex along with personal biophilic villas and is designed to grant individuals the experience of serenity and an untroubled connection with nature; mending the existing breach between them and their natural environment and contributing to their overall well-being.

[quote]My project based thesis research focuses on integrating biophilic design (the human affinity for nature) into alternative healing environments in order to promote mental restoration and overall human imagewell-being. I entered the competition early on during the literature review portion of my thesis and my major professor Prof. Jim Dawkins and I saw it as an opportunity for me to explore what a built environment that represented this criteria may have looked like based on the information I had gathered at that point. It was a great opportunity for me to begin seeing my literature findings as elements of design, and has allowed my work to evolve a great deal since. [/quote] 

View Amanda Cleveland’s Biophilic Design submission page, hosted at Interface Reconnect.