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IA+D Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Ray Goodson

Published October 4, 2016

Ray Goodson is probably most well-known to Interior Designers for the innovative products he invented and the company he founded called 3Form.  At FSU, we know Goodson as Tallahassee native, FSU and Florida High alum, and long-time Interior Architecture + Design Department Advisory Board member.

Ray Goodson and Marlo Ransdell

Ray Goodson and Dr. Marlo Ransdell at 3form’s Headquarters

An article by Andrew Blum titled, “How 3Form is Bending the Rules of Design” states,

3form traces its beginnings to 1991, when Ray Goodson, an inventor and former Dow Chemical executive, sought to bring both his experience with injection polystyrene packaging and his environmental consciousness to the building industry. In 2001, his son, Talley Goodson, a Wharton grad and McKinsey & Company veteran, joined him and helped re-brand the company as 3form (it was originally called Simtech).

The new company launched Varia, a system that deploys the eco-resin (made from 40% post-industrial recaptured material) developed by the elder Goodson in a process that sandwiches it with an unlimited variety of colors and patterns — everything from leaves to Pantone colors.
Today, 3Form is run by Ray’s son Talley Goodson as a subsidiary of Hunter Douglas and offers multiple eco-friendly materials and in-house design solutions.

But Goodson’s passion – for sustainability, innovation, social responsibility and cultivating a corporate culture of respect for everyone involved – is as apparent as ever. So too is his love for Florida State University and for Tallahassee.

Goodson grew up in Tallahassee, attending school at Florida High (now FSUS) while duel-enrolled in college courses at FSU. The son of FSU Professor of Home Economics Nona Goodson, Goodson had a different perspective of the college campus. “It was as much my home as my house. Doak Campbell picked me up for basketball practice in front of the Westcott Building. I played high school ball alongside the FSU players. I went to dinner at Dean Sandal’s home; she treated me like part of her family.” Goodson eventually moved to Utah to Brigham Young University, recruited to play basketball and graduated with Mathematical Statistics degree. He met his wife Deborah there, and they traveled to the East Coast to continue his education at Stanford University, followed by a move to New Jersey where he worked for General Dynamics.

While life has taken him far from Florida, his mind is never far from his FSU roots. So when Goodson was approached by former Department Chair Eric Wiedegreen to join the newly-formed Interior Design Advisory Board in 2005, Goodson signed up. The Department is grateful that he has continued to be an active member.

At the invitation of Goodson, Dr. Marlo Ransdell traveled to Salt Lake City, UT to tour 3Form’s headquarters and discuss opportunities to utilize 3Form materials in student research, design, and construction.

Since I first met Dr. Ransdell and heard about her efforts in furniture design through the Department, I have wanted her to travel here to see our techniques firsthand. So many things we are doing here [at 3Form] can be replicated on a small scale. The learning opportunities are endless

said Goodson. With the help of Interior Design Advisory Board member Ray Goodson, students in the undergraduate and graduate furniture design courses will soon be able to work directly with 3Form materials. Dr. Marlo Ransdell says,

The opportunity to work with 3form materials at StudioD will introduce new processes and material applications to the students that will enhance their understanding of furniture design and production.