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Studio 4 Travels to Port St. Joe, Florida

Published October 11, 2017

FSU Department of IA&D students with Dr. and Mrs. Murdaugh at their home site in Port St. Joe, Florida

On September 7th members of the Studio 4 class with Jill Pable and graduate teaching assistant Melissa Brown traveled to Port St. Joe to visit the site of their residential project, currently under construction. The students will provide detailed interior architecture and design solutions for the future home of Dr. Jim Murdaugh and Ms. Sarah Murdaugh and their family. The four-story home overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. While there the students took the opportunity to conduct a site analysis of privacy, views, traffic, sun orientation, and similar issues that will impact their design. Dr. Murdaugh provided the students a tour of the home’s levels, and photographs the students took will help them produce rendered perspectives of their eventual solutions. The Murdaughs are serving as clients for the projects and will be present for the students’ final presentations on October 24th.