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Genevieve Shanahan (BS ’13)

Published January 10, 2013

” /> Guest Suite Living Space in “The Boutique Hotel TONNATARA in Sapporo Japan” Project

I have just completed the Interior Design Program at Florida State University and will be completing my degree in the Spring 2013 with a BS in Interior Design with a minor in Art History. During the Summer of 2012 I had the privilege of studying abroad in Italy, as well as backpacking to many other European Countries. My traveling experiences have encouraged me to pursue a commercial design career towards producing creative and innovative designs globally.

My experience with FSU has enabled me to grow internally as well as externally. The staff in the Interior Design Department have guided and empowered me to pursue my academic goals as well as career goals. The skills and experiences I have gained from my time at this university will be the facilitating factors in allowing me to transition from the academic environment into many opportunities within my future career.

Image Portfolio

“Boutique Hotel TONNATARA” Project

These images are from the Boutique Hotel TONNATARA in Sapporo Japan — the Interior Design Project for Studio 4 with Professor Kenan Fishburne.

These images include (from top left to right) the designs for the exterior architecture, bar & lounge, host stand, restaurant, theater lounge, restaurant, nail spa, and guest suite living space, and bedroom.

“Rockstar Energy Drink Corporate Office and Retail Space” Project

The next set of images are from the Rockstar Energy Drink Corporate Office and Retail space –the Interior Design Project for Studio 3 taken with Professor Jim Dawkins and Professor David Butler.

These images include (from middle left to right) the designs for the exterior retail facade, retail register, full retail space view, office reception, office energy bar, open meeting lounge, private meeting lounge, collaborative office space, and executive board room.

These are my original designs and have been produced via hand rendering and computer design technology.


“Studio 4 Boutique Hotel Project & Studio 3 Rockstar Corporate Office & Retail Space Projects”; Marker, Pen, Pencil, Photoshop, Revit; 24″ x 36″; 2011-2012.