Master of Science First Professional

The Master of Science First Professional degree is for you if you possess an undergraduate degree in a field other than interior design or architecture and wish to practice interior design. This portfolio track of courses fully prepares you to enter the profession as a design practitioner and enables professional licensure in many states and Canadian provinces.

Second studio doctoral housing project by First Professional Program graduate Krystil Hernandez.

Second studio doctoral housing project by First Professional Program graduate Krystil Hernandez.

Topics include a diversity of content including technical drawing, computer-aided communication, presentation, codes, space planning, furnishings and finishes specification and business practices. An internship is a highly recommended elective, and you exit the program with a portfolio of work suitable for career interviews.

This degree provides comprehensive interior design knowledge and skills at an advanced pace appropriate for graduate  student learners. The program of studies is composed of a mixture of undergraduate leveling courses that provide baseline content and skills coupled with graduate-level studios and other support courses.

You must create and present a graduating portfolio of work at the end of your studies in order to qualify for degree candidacy. First professional students also complete a significant programming document that shows their critical thinking and analysis in conjunction with a studio project.

Admissions Requirements for the First Professional Master of Science Degree

Admission to the Masters degree programs is based on University requirements as defined in the Graduate Degree Requirements section of the FSU Graduate Bulletin as well as those of the Interior Design Department.

The Interior Design Department requires the following items in order to be considered for the program. Unless otherwise noted, these are submitted to FSU through the FSU online admissions procedure.

  • an official undergraduate transcript indicating a minimum 3.0 grade point average on the last 60 hours of the completed undergraduate degree. Download a GPA Calculator Sheet.
  • A minimum Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score of 149 verbal and 145 quantitative. If GRE was taken prior to November 2011, minimum scores are 430 verbal and 540 quantitative. Note that GRE scores are one of many factors considered in admittance.
  • Students with English as a second language must meet the university standard of 80 for TOEFL scores or 6.5 for IELTS scores. Students with English language concerns should speak with Dr. Jill Pable, Director of Graduate Studies at
  • A completed statement of interest that identifies your goals and reasons why you feel you will succeed in graduate school. Download and submit a Statement of Interest for submittal to the FSU online admissions process.
  • Recommendations provided by a minimum of 3 professional or academic persons of your choice that are familiar with you and your previous work. Recommenders respond to the Personal Potential Index system (you provide contact information for these persons so that FSU can invite them to this system via the FSU Admissions process). If you are taking the GRE exam, there is no charge for using this system. If you are not now taking the GRE exam, the cost for this service is $20.
  • A phone or in-person interview with the Department Director of Graduate Studies. Contact Dr. Jill Pable, Director of Graduate Studies at to make an appointment.

The deadline for submittal of an application is March 1st of every year for start of study in the summer semester. However, application submittal by February 1st is advised.

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