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Presenting at the 2012 IDEC Annual Conference in Baltimore was graduate student Sabrina Frey. She led a panel presentation, “Adding International Culture to Current Interior Design Classrooms” (with Chinese Professor Kangli Ren), and presented a poster, “Well-being, How the Living Environments of Others May Improve It.” The poster won the conference’s Best Poster Award.

At the January 2012 ART&DESIGN for Social Justice Symposium graduate student Tony Purvis presented his paper, “Conflict Resolution and the Built Environment: Preliminary Findings Exploring the Impact of Interiors on Consensus Building.” Jhoana Antiquino presented a poster, “A Narrative Exhibition of Homelessness and Design’s Potential to Create Change” and Sarah Stephens presented another, “Dignity and the Built-Environment: A Study of Transitional Homeless Shelters”.

At the 2011 South Regional IDEC Conference at Georgia Southern University Tony Purvis presented a paper entitled “Conflict Resolution and the Built Environment”.

Presenting at the 2011 IDEC Annual Conference in Denver were graduate students Emily Phares and Jill Pabel with “Evidenced-Based Design: What kind of Conceptual Framework?”; Marsha McBain with Lisa Waxman and Jill Pable presenting “Beyond Codes: Addressing the needs of low income supportive housing residents through design”; Adrianne Kautz with Eric Wiedegreen presenting “A home for everyone: designing small spaces that transform to accommodate multiple household types”; Tanya West with Lis Waxman presenting “Environments for Young Children: A collaborative study for healthy and nurturing preschool environments”; Leslie Hallquist with Lisa Waxman presenting “Exploring effective designs for Building Primary Schools in Haiti”; and Carlie Moody with Lisa Waxman presenting “Utilizing Third Place theory in museum design: connecting community through the experience of art”.

Graduate students presenting at the 2010 IDEC Annual Conference in Atlanta were Elena Vee Myhre with Eric Wiedegreen (“Growing Home and Neomorphism: Creating Living, Sustainable Housing and a New Design Language”), Christi Gullikson with Jill Pable (“Human Connection to Nature: An Exploration of Office Users’ Perception of Nature Connectedness”), and Rosie Koenig with Lisa Waxman (“Library renovation: Designing to Accommodate Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles”).

Taneshia West has had an abstract accepted for the International Conference on Kansei Engineering and Emotional Research 2010, to be held in Paris, France in March 2010. Her paper is entitled : “Redesigning the Workplace to Accommodate and Aging Work Force”. She also has had a paper accepted at the Pacific West Regional IDEC conference to be held at Utah State University in October, 2009.

Stephanie Sickler won Best Graduate Student Presentation at the 2008 IDEC South Regional Conference at Auburn University in October.  She also was chosen to present at the 2009 IDEC Annual Conference held in St. Louis, MO.  Former grad student Tommy Crane also presented a paper there on his thesis work. Elena Vee Meyers presented a paper in January at the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities.At the January 2009 ART&DESIGN for Social Justice Symposium Tracie Kelly presented a paper, “A Place of Their Own: Shaping Behavior Through Design in an Arts- Based Community Center.” Presenting at the Graduate Research & Creativity Exposition (FSU, April 2009) were Stephanie Sickler (“The Millenial Interior Design Learner”) and Elena Vee Myre (“Neomorphism”).

There will be a big showing of FSU ID grads at the 2008 Interior Design Educators Council Annual Conference in Montreal, Canada in March.  Turkiyah Alenazy (with Lisa Waxman) presented a paper entitled: “Privacy Needs and the Muslim Woman: An Examination of Contemporary Kuwaiti Housing Types”; and Rachelle McClure (with Eric Wiedegreen) presented a paper entitled: “Changing the way we think about buildings: A life-cycle costing approach to sustainable design decisions”.  Also presenting a poster were graduate studentsVeronica Fannin & Lindsay Clark (“Design Pedagogy and the Tangible Blog: Bringing Cyberspace Down to Earth”).

At the 2007 IDEC South Regional Conference, Lindsey Clark and Veronica Fannin presented a paper: “Design Communication and Web-based Structures: The Design Dialogue Blog Project”. Grad students also attending were Stephanie Sickler and Tommy Crane. Three of the four received $250 travel grants from the IDEC South Region.

Rachelle McClure (along with ID faculty Jill Pable and Eric Wiedegreen) presented a paper “Greener Than Landis” at the Campus & Community Sustainability Conference, October 15, 2007 held on the FSU campus.

Presenting at the 2007 ART&DESIGN for Social Justice Symposium (after selection through a blind review) were Lisa Montgomery, Tessa Newbill Menotte, Rachelle McClure, and Lindsay Clark.

Grad student Veronica Fannin’s paper was accepted to the Design Communication Association Conference, September 12-16, 2007, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana. The conference offers an opportunity to explore and develop a fresh conversation about issues that shape our understanding of contemporary communication. Conference organizers are particularly interested in bridging and connecting to the multi-faceted community that engages in design or communication.

Recent grad Kelly Williamson was selected to present her paper: “Mobile Community Center: A Solution for FEMA trailer parks in the Southern Gulf Coast Region” at the 38th annual meeting of the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) in Sacramento, California, May 30 – June 03, 2007.

First Professional grad student Veronica Fannin’s paper, “The Inspired Viewer in a Total Installation”, was selected for presentation at Optika 2: A Symposium on Visual Narration, at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus, in early February, 2007. Optika 2 is a three-day symposium which will explore the theory and practice of visual narrative, open to academics, independent scholars, students, and artists.

Graduate students presenting at the 2005 IDEC South Regional Conference in October were Mohammed Attia(“Learning Environments, The Design of Educational Facilities as it Relates to the Educational Theories”… that was awarded BEST GRADUATE PRESENTATION!), Ronnette Belizaire (“Revitalizations’ Exclusion of the Homeless”), and recent grads Jillian Kaplan Tribble (“The Influence of Interior Designers on Green Building and Sustainable Design”), Sheila McLain (“Discovering Unintentional Spaces”), and Anubhuti Bhatia (“Vastu-Shastra: The Indian Science of Design.”