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FSU Department of Interior Architecture and Design News

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Students Awarded NEWH Sunshine Chapter Scholarships

September 21, 2017
Congratulations to second-year MFA Candidate Sarah Wallstedt and fourth-year student Jessica Gervickas for being awarded NEWH Sunshine Chapter Scholarships. Both Sarah and Jessi ...

MFA Students Awarded NEWH Scholarships

September 21, 2017
The Department of Interior Architecture and Design congratulates second-year MFA Candidates Brittany Flock on being awarded the NEWH Fabric Innovations Legacy Scholarshi ...

Kul'ttovary – Bringing Culture into the Soviet Home

September 18, 2017
The Florida State University Department of Interior Architecture & Design invites you to discover and experience its most recent gallery installation, Kul'ttovary which will run th ...

Library of Iconic Chairs Commemorate Retired Faculty

September 11, 2017
In 2009, with the retirements of Peter Koenig and Tock Ohazama, the department began a tradition of purchasing an iconic chair (In the case of Ohazama, the purchase was a coffee ta ...

Spring and Summer Graduates Leave the FSU Nest

September 11, 2017
The department congratulates 47 spring graduates and 10 summer graduates as they head out to the next phase of their careers. Many graduated with jobs in hand, while others started ...

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