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Jim Dawkins

Published August 25, 2014

jim dawkinsAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Interior Architecture and Design
Curriculum Vitae (CV)



Jim Dawkins is an associate professor of Interior Design at The Florida State University where he serves as an instructor in both undergraduate and graduate design studios and courses in graphic techniques, specifically hand drawing and sketching, used for design ideation and visual communication. He is a registered architect in several states, having earned his BA in Design and Master of Architecture degrees from Clemson University prior to practicing for twenty years as an architect, designer and corporate officer with design firms in Atlanta, GA and Vail, CO.


Master of Architecture, Clemson University, 1988
Bachelor of Arts in Design, Clemson University, 1986

Areas of Responsibility

Areas of responsibility include teaching select classes of upper level undergraduate and graduate students in interior architecture and interior design project solutions, graphic techniques for quick sketching, design ideation, project brainstorming and client work sessions. Dawkins chairs and is a member of MFA thesis committees.

Teaching Areas

Graduate and undergraduate interior design studios, and graphic techniques studios (hand sketching and hybrid hand/digital drawing)

Research Areas

Dawkins’ primary research interest focuses on the notion of thinking through drawing – graphic facilitation, communication, and mediation of ideas through hand-drawing techniques and their realization in traditional hand and digital hybrid forms of computer aided design. Secondary research currently involves the analysis of and instruction in hand sketching skills through the cognitive framework of expertise theory.


Dawkins is a member of FSU’s Faculty Senate, the Undergraduate Policy Committee, and the Academic Honors Policy Appeals Committee.

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Select Scholarly/Creative Works & Awards

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  • Dawkins, J. (2011, March). sketch [Drawing: Artists and Practitioners Sketching]. Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico: d3 and the Universidad de Monterrey. This sketch was one in a series of studies of log cabin joinery in a ghost town outside of Leadville, CO. It was submitted in response to the Call for Submissions by the Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico) in association with New York-based curators d3 for an exhibition entitled “sketch”, the opening exhibition for Japanese Architect Tadao Ando’s lecture held at the Universidad de Monterrey in March 2011. The exhibition investigates the discourse of sketching by embracing the full range and potential of sketching in conceptual design.
  • Dawkins, J. (2010, September). 2010 DCA Juried Design Communication Exhibition [Drawing: Multiple drawing exhibitors (design communication professionals and educators)]. Chico Resort Hot Springs Resort & Spa, MT: Design Communications Association. My drawings for this exhibition explored the conference theme of ‘crossroads’ by producing work that expressed, indirectly, my career move from professional to teaching. Three of my drawings were part of the 84 accepted entries out of 177 total submissions in six categories, an acceptance rate of 47%.