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Organization News

IIDA Student Day 2008

 Saturday, February 23, 2008 FCCJ, Jacksonville, FL

All students can attend.

Let us know via email ( if you can drive a car pool over and back, how many people you can take, or if you need a ride.



Interested in running for office?

We will be having a meeting just for people interested in running for an officer position on January 24 @ 6:15pmto go over the rules and regulations, roles and responsibilities for each position.

Start thinking about running groups/slate.

IIDA has newly elected to have a Student Board in which there will be a President and President Elect.

It is our jobs to work together as we should as professionals.

IIDA President/President Elect

ASID President Elect/Vice President/Treasurer/Secretary/PR/Historian

We are not voting on Section Representatives, but we would like one person from each class to volunteer to keep your class verbally informed

Grad student , Class of ‘09, Class of ‘10, Class of ‘11, Class of ‘12

Those elected for primary positions will be responsible for planning Awards Ceremony at the end of the semester

Kind of like Juniors plan the Senior Prom 
Fundraising with baseball concessions 
We will talk more about this after elections 
Please email us if you have any questions or concerns

Those of you interested in Sustainable Design:

Waste Management Tour coming up soon.

Mock Interviews for graduating seniors coming up soon.

Open Discussion/Tips from Seniors/Questions

Eat before you go to history or bring a snack 
Write down every single word Karen says even if you think it is irrelevant 
Get involved with ASID or IIDA 
Rubber band your t-square to your tube 
Save everything you have ever drawn
Put your name in your flash drive
Print as much as you can at school, don’t waste your money at Target Copy or Kinkos if you can print here for free!

Posted: 1.14.08