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Department of Interior Design / Graduate / Interior Design Textbook List

Interior Design Textbook List

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Interior Design Textbook List: Fall, 2013



IND 2002 

Text: Beginnings of the Interior Environment

          By: Allen

          Pearson Educational: Prentice Hall, 10th Edition

          ISBN: 978-013-500-8140



IND 5528 Graduate Portfolio I

Text: Design Portfolios: Moving From Traditional to Digital

          By: Diane Bender

          NY:Fairchild, 2nd Edition

          ISBN: 9781609012410

          Recommended…not required


IND 1203 Design Fundamentals I

Text: Foundations of Art and Design

          By: Lois Fichner-Rathus

          Thomson and Wadsworth

          ISBN: 0-534-61338-9



IND 3217 Studio I

Text: The Interior Plan: Concepts and Exercises

          By: Rengel


          ISBN: 9781563679339



          Interior Design Illustrated

          By: Francis Ching and Corky Binggeli

          John Wiley and Sons: 2005

          ISBN: 0-471-47376-6



IND 2300 Graphics I

Text: Design Graphics

          By: Koenig

          Prentice-Hall: 3rd edition

          ISBN: 978-0-13-713696-4



IND 4601 Social-Psychological Aspects of Design

IND 5609 Graduate Soc/Psych

Text: Environmental Psychology for Design

          By: Dak Kopec

          Fairchild Publications

          ISBN: 9781609011413  Second Edition



IND 4131 History of Interiors II  

Text:  Designers Guide to Furniture Styles

          By: Treena Crochet

          Pearson 3rd Edition

          ISBN: 978-0-13-205041-8



IND 5135 Graduate History I and 2   

Text: Designers Guide to Furniture Styles

          By: Treena Crochet

          Pearson 3rd Edition

          ISBN: 978-0-13-205041-8



IND 3470 Construction Systems

IND 5479 Construction Systems

Text: Building Construction Illustrated

          By: Ching

          Wiley and Sons

          4th  Edition

          ISBN: 978-0-470-08781-7

        Recommended not required


IND 4506 Business Practices              

IND 5508 Graduate Business Practices

Text: Professional Practice for Interior Designers in the Global Marketplace

          By: Susan Winchip

          Fairchild, 2013

          ISBN: 978-1-60901-138-3



IND 5634 Pre-Design Research and Programming

Text: Evidence Based Design for Interior Designers

          By: Nussbaumer


          ISBN: 9781563677595



IND 5930 Graduate Furniture Design

Text: The Complete Manual of Woodworking

          By: Jackson, Day and Jennings

          Publisher: Alfred Knopf

          ISBN: 0679766111