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Faculty News

Welcome Visiting Professor Dr. Graham Cairns


Design Intelligence

In the 2012 Design Intelligence rankings of Architecture and Design programs, the FSU Interior Design Graduate Program was ranked in the Top 10 nationally. In this same issue, Lisa Waxman was chosen as one of the Top 25 Most Admired Design Educators.

In the 2011 Design Intelligence national rankings of Architecture and Design programs, the FSU Interior Design Program was ranked #2 in Sustainable design practices and #4 in computer applications.  Importantly, the survey ranked Sustainable Design and Computer Technology #1 and #2 in compelling emerging issues to the profession.  This puts us right at the vanguard of meeting the needs of the profession.


In late 2010, the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) announced that for the second year in a row, FSU had the most graduates apply to take the NCIDQ exam!


In March 2009, the Department received news from the Council of Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) that it was awarded a 6-year reaccreditation. Our program has been continuously accredited since the 1970s!

ART&DESIGN for Social Justice Symposium

The Department of Interior Design along with the FSU Department of Art Education are co-sponsors of theART&DESIGN for Social Justice Symposium. The first symposium was held September 17 and 18, 2006, and had over 80 participants from Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. The focus of the first symposium was "the homeless", with the intent of seeing how scholarship in art and design can help solution-seek some of the world's social problems. The past symposium was held January 16, 2012. The symposium will now be held in even number years and will be held again in 2014. Check out the website.

Teaching Awards

Recipients of 2012 FSU Undergraduate Teaching Awards were Lisa Waxman and Eric Wiedegreen. Jill Pable received a 2011 University Graduate Teaching Award. At the 2012 College of Visual Arts, Theatre, and Dance Awards Night, Eric Wiedegreen received a Distinguished Service Award and Lisa Waxman a DIstinguished Teaching Award.


Napkin sketch

After being deluged with 1,322 cocktail napkins bearing sketches from 352 architects and architecture students, ARCHITECTURAL RECORD magazine‚Äôs jury of editors has determined the winner of its first annual Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest. Jim Dawkins' sketch (5"x5" mind you!) was chosen as an Entry of Merit.



Pable is Keynote Speaker

Jill Pable served as keynote speaker for Appalachian State University's 4th Annual "Power of Design", an event that brings together students, faculty, and members of the professional community in all design disciplines in early October, 2010. A student workshop for 150 was held, entitled "Hands-On Design Strategies for Collaborative Success" and then an evening keynote lecture entitled "Better Together: Design and Collaboration in the Age of Need".  View the Event Press Release.

Faculty Leaders

Lisa Waxman served as the national 2011-2012 President for the Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC). Jill Pable was the 2009-2010 IDEC President, and Eric Wiedegreen the 2006-2007 President!.

New Faculty Receive Grants

Marlo Ransdell and Jim Dawkins were the recipients of university First Year Assistant Professor Grants for Summer 2010.

Jill Pable Receives Research and Creativity Developing Scholar Award 2009
The FSU Council for Research and Creativity Developing Scholar Awards were recently announced, and Pable has received one of six awards chosen from a university-wide field of 22 applications. She intends to use the grant to pursue a research study that explores the effects of crowding on homeless shelter families who inhabit family dormitory rooms. She will explore the effects of local environmental controls, such as bedside lighting fixtures to read to children in bed, privacy curtains and other enhancements to determine if they may have a countering effect on residents' sense of hopelessness and may improve overall perceptions of satisfaction.