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Department of Interior Design / Apply


Undergraduate Applications

Undergraduate students should apply directly to Florida State University and list interior design as their preferred major. There is no separate undergraduate application to the department. Undergraduate students are listed as conditional majors until they take the three diagnostic classes, go through First Year Review, and are formally admitted to the program. To apply to FSU click here: Online Undergraduate Application

Graduate Applications

Graduate students should also apply online.  There are several items that must be attached to the graduate application.  Download and submit a Letter of Interest (see guidelines below):

Apply online here: Online Graduate Application

In addition to the graduate application, please refer to the graduate admission requirements.

Graduate students begin at different times, depending on the program of study.  Advanced Professional and MFA students begin in the fall semester.  Applications will be processed as they are received, with a July 1 deadline. Applications are encouraged by May 1. Check with the Director of Graduate Studies, Jill Pable, for assistantship application deadlines, which are earlier.  

First Professional students (those with undergraduate degrees in areas other then interior design or a related field) begin in the summer with a March 1 deadline.  Applications are encouraged by February 1. 

Students interested in assistantships may download and submit the Assistantship Application.